Vanessa Rousso Appears in Hustler Magazine

I recently got word that Vanessa Rousso was on the cover of this month's Hustler Magazine. So when I finished what I was working on I headed to the Hustler Store conveniently located just one block away. My first visit to this same store was about eight years ago for the grand opening party where I was able to meet Hustler founder and poker enthusiast Larry Flynt. That night he rolled through the store in a golden wheelchair and signed appendages of many of the well endowed ladies in the greeting line.

Upon entering the store today I saw no sign of Mr. Flynt but did see a lovely woman at the front desk carefully folding a pair of black see through thong panties that seemed too small to fold. I interrupted her folding show to ask "Do you have a Hustler Magazine with a poker player on it?" She pointed me to the stairs and said all magazines are on the third floor.

At the top of the stairs I navigated through a maze of swings, lubes, and other sex toys and made my way to the magazine rack. vanessa-rousso-hustlerJust next to Barely Legal I found the copy of Hustler with Vanessa Rousso on the cover and took it up to the register. The guy ringing me up said, "You know if you spend $50 you get a mess of free porn." I declined any extra purchases and was amazed when my total came to $13 and change for just the one magazine. "Wow, that's a lot to pay for just an article," I told him, "because I know this poker player won't be nude in here." He said, "No bro, she's on the cover, she'll be naked in there." I offered a friendly $5 bet that he was incorrect, but he declined and said, "Let's just open it and see." We ripped off the protective wrap and in addition to learning that Hustler is much different than Playboy, we saw:

vanessa-rousso-hustler vanessa-rousso-hustler

It seems pretty clear that Poker Stars is willing to spread Vanessa Rousso's name through a wide variety of media outlets despite the lack skin shown in this particular magazine. So, I thanked the guy at the register and headed back to my car arriving just as the parking meter enforcement guy was pulling up. He stopped at my car eyeing the expired meter next to it, so I quickly slipped in and said, "Not this time buddy," just as I'm telling you if you came here to see pictures of Vanessa Rousso naked!

See our Vanessa Rousso page for our interview with her from the 2007 WSOP and more pictures.

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